At Dragonfly Asia-Pacific, we truly believe the secret to organizational success is in people. Yet in the markets we serve, there is a chronic shortage of well-trained people. Our people development consultancy practice has been developed to provide consumer-facing companies and not-for-profit organizations with a range of people development services aimed at creating a more vibrant, motivated and better-performing organization. 

Unlike many traditional HR consultancies, our methodologies are derived from years of operational experience. In short, we look at the business, financial and impact results your organization wants to deliver and then develop programs that are relevant and actionable at all levels, down to the front-liner level.   

Our areas of focus include performance management, strategic human resources management, employee experience development, change management, learning strategies and internal communications. Our industries of expertise focus on consumer-facing and impact-focused organizations such as retail, tourism and hospitality, education and not-for-profits.

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