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In some instances, international brands are unable to maintain a full-time presence on the ground in the countries in which it assigns distribution.  Through our brand and distribution consulting services, we provide a range of services that you can pick and choose to create the ideal package of services for your company.

Do you already have an existing distribution partner in the region yet find it difficult to regularly monitor their activities? We can help you audit and monitor the operations and business practices of the local distribution partner to ensure they are adhering to the brand’s values and requirements. 

Where necessary, we can also provide customized support even up to taking over part of the in-country operations including training, marketing, recruitment, business development and refining the existing distribution model to provide maximum value to both the brand and its local distributor. 

Finally, if your brand is looking to make a change in distribution partners, we can help you to find local partners that match your brand's strengths and needs. We assist by identifying suitable partners, doing background checks on their existing operations and providing you with all the information required to make an informed decision on which partner  

Need more info on how we can help with your established distribution?

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