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At Dragonfly, we seek out the world's best-designed brands and products. Every brand we choose has its own unique story and personality and we specialize in consumer goods across a range of verticals including fashion, electronics, homeware and other durable consumer goods...


We then apply our model of building long-term brand loyalty and apply our local expertise with the right kind of technology to provide a customized service for every market we serve... Together, this makes us an ideal match for brands that want to explore under-served markets in Asia while still projecting their global brand image.  


The below list are brands already in our portfolio and we are always looking for new partners with whom we can build a long-term relationship.


Fjallraven copy.png
a92daa3ded5679ecca825693af566975ec55236e copy.png


Fossil Logo_White.png
Logo w.o. leaf - Black copy.png
Asset 7_300x copy.png
psd logo_cmyk_blk_1.png
Asset 8_300x copy.png
Asset 1_300x copy.png
Asset 4_300x copy.png
AllBrandLogos_BW_2020_Puma copy.png
Asset 2_300x copy.png
Asset 5_300x copy.png
Asset 3_300x copy.png
FKP-W2_edited_edited copy.png
BMW-01 copy.png
Asset 6_300x copy.png
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