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Direct Distribution

With our extensive experience in brand management throughout Asia-Pacific, Dragonfly Asia-Pacific is the perfect partner with whom to entrust your brand in new markets. We provide a range of ways through which your brand can partner with us on distribution. 

Dragonfly Asia-Pacific can serve as your outright distributor in our key markets. In doing so, we invest directly in your products and then manage distribution, e-commerce, retail, logistics, marketing and after-sales service on your behalf.

This is a hybrid distribution model that allows you further control of the market. In this model, the brand provides funding and products to expand locally. Dragonfly Asia-Pacific then manages those resources on behalf of the brand and oversees in-country logistics, distribution, marketing, retail and e-commerce on behalf of the brand.  This is an ideal route for brands that wish to test or ultimately take direct control of a new market and need to quickly establish a foothold before committing to a full investment in its own team and facilities.

Managed Distribution

Would you like more information on how we can help your brand through distribution?

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